Object: the Ball

Some are obsessed with exercise. Others with chocolate or some other substance. But not my dog. She is obsessed with an object. And not just any object. She is obsessed with tennis balls.

No matter where she goes, she finds one. Near a lake or in the woods. Near a ball field or in a parking lot. In the grass or in the snow. She finds one.


With a ball in her mouth, no one else exists. Not a stick or even a rabbit. Just her, the ball, and the potential ball thrower.

She would rather chew a ball than eat or drink. The yellow-green fuzzy sphere wreaking havoc on her teeth but keeping her busy and focused.


She throws the ball herself or drops it at my feet. She waits. And hopes for someone to attempt to pick up the ball, to throw it, so she can retrieve.

More waiting

Finally, she pounces, chews the ball for a few times, and then throws it again. Ready to wait again, as long as it takes, for someone to throw her the ball.


This post was written as part of a weekly photo challenge. To see photos of other objects, click here.

Trip taken February 2014.

8 thoughts on “Object: the Ball

  1. Love the photo of her looking down at the ball and then pouncing on it! With my Mutley dog it’s more about the sticks! I love the way dogs look intently at something when they want someone to throw it for them! 🙂


      • Thinking about it… my Mutley dog would chase anything I threw for her, I just tend to opt for sticks because there are always sticks around where I walk her and we’ve lost so many balls over the years it’s just easier! I guess I’m lucky she’s not too picky! 🙂


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