Are You a Coke Fan?

Do you like Coke? If you’re in Atlanta with little (or even big) kids you won’t be able to escape a trip to the World of Coca-Cola. Billed as an “experience,” it’s really a 4-D movie, museum, and taste testing place all-in-one. 

IMG_0634_2.jpgAs part of our whirlwind tour of Atlanta, we spent a couple of hours learning about the history of the soft drink and seeing all kinds of Coca Cola memorabilia.


The best and most memorable part of our experience was tasting the different soft drinks (over 100 according to the website), from various Coke iterations to other fizzy drinks from around the world, like Mozambique, Tanzania, South Africa, Brazil, Japan, and Costa Rica. At first, the liquid slid easily from our tastebuds down our throat, but after several samples, we were more selective, enjoying some and gagging at others. When our tongues and our tummies couldn’t handle anymore, we made our way to the exit and the gift shop where you can buy just about anything emblazoned with the Coke logo. 

Though not inexpensive, it’s a fun way to spend a few hours. But whatever you do, don’t go on an empty stomach. For more photos and another person’s experience, check out this blog.

Trip taken February 2015.

The Birthplace of GWTW

“Fiddlydeedee,” Mom would often say with a smile when she disagreed with something or someone – when she really meant, “That’s ridiculous.” She wasn’t from the South and she wasn’t a brunette, but Mom loved Scarlett O’Hara, and she loved “Gone With the Wind.”


At 11 years old, Mom saw the movie “Gone With the Wind” for the first time. She was entranced and decided then and there that she would name her future daughter “Tara.” Another 20 or so years later, I was born.

Mom brought me to the theater to see the movie when I was 11 and soon after gave me a Scarlett O’Hara doll. I read the book by Margaret Mitchell some time in high school and when a fluffy flirtatious kitten entered our lives, we named her Scarlett. I showed the movie to my own kids when they each turned 11, but it wasn’t until my last birthday that I first visited Atlanta and visited the home of Margaret Mitchell, the American birthplace of my namesake.


We toured Margaret Mitchell’s apartment, heard stories about her life and stories behind the making of the movie. At the gift store, I couldn’t resist buying a few things. A magnet of Scarlett O’Hara now adorns my file cabinet. I have a coffee table book on the making of the movie and a new copy of the 1,037 page book. When will I read them? Soon. “After all, tomorrow is another day.”

Trip taken February 2015.