When Is a Zoo a Museum?

The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum in Tucson, Arizona, is not just a museum. It’s a place to learn about the desert, to see desert animals in their natural habitat.

Arizona-Senora Desert Museum

I dragged my family to the Desert Museum on a sweltering day in June. The heat may have been dry, but it was heat all the same, at least 100 degrees. But we all agreed it was worth it. The museum was every bit as interesting and enjoyable as I remembered from my previous visits. 

It was late afternoon and the museum closed in just over an hour. Although the museum recommends at least 2 hours for a visit, we didn’t have a choice and knew that in the heat, we wouldn’t last much longer than an hour and a half anyway. So we paid the $19.50 adult admission fee, and entered.


We walked along the 2 miles of trails, discovering various animals along the way. 

Big Horn Sheep

We cooled off in the gift store before leaving, hoping to return on another, not so hot, day, in the not too distant future.

Trip taken June 2015.

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