When Will It Be Green?

Even though spring is less than 2 weeks away, when I look outside, all I see is a winter wonderland.

Snow and Tilly

So I put on my skis one day and my snowshoes the next and continue to make new tracks in the snow.

And I dream of warmer places:  Hawaii, Santa Barbara, Florida, where green and blue overrule white and brown as the predominant outdoor colors. Where 45 degrees isn’t balmy. Where the sun is warm on my bare shoulders.

I keep reminding myself, April will be here soon.

5 thoughts on “When Will It Be Green?

  1. You are a real trooper Tara-you have had a wicked winter for sure!!!!
    Hope you had a wonderful birthday and time in N.O.!! XOXOX


  2. Loved your post. Hey, to tolerate the long, continuing cold Winter, you need a short respite in a sunny clime. Maybe a Caribbean fix.


    • Hi Hannah –
      Usually it’s not a problem – only when I’m making cross country ski tracks am I annoyed that she’s walking in my tracks and not along side me!


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