Where Can You Get a Good Steak in South Dakota?

When you’re in cattle country, there’s not much you should eat but steak. Unless it’s fresh water fish caught in a nearby stream or river. So when we wanted steak, our local friends told us to dine at Cattleman’s Club Steakhouse east of Pierre, where steak is the menu.


With sawdust on the floor and a view of the Missouri River, the restaurant has a lot of atmosphere. Don’t be surprised if you find the place filled with hunters and cowboys, exchanging stories over a steak and a beer.

Inside Cattlemen's

Choose your favorite steak (prime rib, sirloin, porterhouse, t-bone, or ribeye), the size, and the degree of doneness. You can get the prime rib in 10, 16, or 20 ounce cuts and the top sirloin in a 8, 12, 16-ounce cut. Determine your degree of doneness. Do you want it rare (red cool center), medium rare (red hot center), medium (pink hot center), medium well (very little pink), or well done (cooked through)?

Add grilled onions or mushrooms. If you don’t want steak, they do have burgers and shrimp. But whatever you have (unless you’re gluten free!), be sure to try the breaded green beans served with cucumber ranch wasabi sauce or the fried dill pickles. Yum!

Steak and Onions

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