Stop and Focus

It’s hard to take time for yourself during the holidays. But this last week, I made it a point to get outside. With several inches of snow and a stir crazy dog, I strapped on my snow shoes two days and my cross country skis another two days. I didn’t go out for long – as little as 30 minutes one day and as long as an hour another, but the fresh air and exercise helped me slow down and take a break from my never ending list.


During these last few days before Christmas and the end of 2013, remember to stop and take a break and find a focus in the holiday blur.

Dog in Snow


Trip taken December 2013.

3 thoughts on “Stop and Focus

  1. ANOTHER DELIGHTFUL “SOJOURN”….. Lovely pix, wise advice. I, too, do this….get outdoors and just soak up NATURE, with HER never-ending miracles.

    See you soon.



  2. LOVE this blog Tara!!! Come snowshoe with me on the lake!!! Went today…it was a bit chilly but so amazing. The only thing missing was my camera!!!


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