Where the Beach Sings

Have you ever heard the beach sing? Not roar from a shell but really sing? There’s a beach north of Boston where the sand squeals or “sings” when bare feet walk along its shore. It’s name? Singing Beach.

Squeaky Sand

Singing Beach is a small idyllic beach located in the town of Manchester-by-the-Sea on the North Shore of Boston. Getting there is a challenge, but for many, its beauty overcomes the expense and the effort.

We visited Singing Beach most recently in July when the air was balmy, the moon was rising, and the sun was ready to set.

Singing Beach and the Moon

The beach is officially open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily. Lifeguards are on duty until 5 p.m. Amenities include a snack bar, restrooms, and changing areas.

Non-residents are not permitted to park in its small parking lot on the weekends. If you’re from out of town, the best way to get there is to take the commuter rail to the Manchester stop and walk the ½ mile from the center of town to the beach. Other options include looking for a 2-hour parking spot on the street or spending $25 to park in a lot in town and walking 20 minutes or so to the beach.

Finding it is easy. Just follow the stream of people carrying beach chairs up the hill. Just when you think you can’t go any farther, you’ve arrived, but know you will be charged a $5 walk-on fee.

If your schedule is flexible, try going during the week. The town opens up the beach parking lot to non-residents Monday through Thursday from June 17 through August 29. The fee to park is $25 per car. During the month of September, only residents are allowed to park there.

Whatever it costs, most beach goers believe it’s worth it.

Singing Beach and the Moon

Trip taken July 2013.

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