Guilford Mooring

On a recent drive down Connecticut’s coast, we stopped in the historic town of Guilford for lunch. We passed through the town green, choosing instead to eat near the water. Without recommendations or much hesitation, we chose the Guilford Mooring purely for its location among the Guilford docks.

Guilford Mooring

Although there were only a few dining inside the glassed in restaurant, we ate outside under an umbrella where several others were enjoying the warm early summer air and slight breeze.

Entrance to restaurant

IMG_0682The restaurant’s menu offers a variety of fried and fresh seafood options, easy to adapt to dietary restrictions (unless of course, you’re allergic to seafood). The clam strips were plentiful (“best I’ve ever had” said my husband).

Plate of fried clam strips and French friesThe swordfish sandwich piled high, and the fries narrow and just crisp. The tuna Cobb salad was just as anticipated, complete with rare fresh tuna and served with balsamic dressing.

Slices of rare tuna, hard boiled eggs, black olives, and bacon on lettuce.

The lobster salad, normally served in a roll and with fries, was served simply on a plate for our gluten-free diner. Yum!

Chunks of lobster salad over lettuce with slices of tomato

The restaurant is located at 505 Whitfield Street in Guilford, Connecticut, just off Route 95.

Trip taken June 2013.

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