How to Survive a New England Winter

No matter how long I have lived in New England, I will always be a California girl. Born and raised in the San Francisco area, my body much prefers temperate climates. So, after living in New England for the last several years where the winters are cold and long, instead of hibernating, I embrace the cold.


I ski, cross country ski, snow shoe, and ice skate. The result is a much happier me. When it snows, I am excited. I put on my appropriate gear and out the door I go.



The unbearable cold becomes exhilarating; it flushes my cheeks and encourages me to move.


And when I’m tired, I retreat inside where I warm my fingers in front of the fire.


In March, when the temperatures soar to above 45, the snow and the ice melt, and the air feels balmy, it is only then that I become impatient for spring.