Adventure in an Armchair

My heart raced and my fingers tingled as I cross country skied across Antartica, white water kayaked in New Zealand, and rock climbed up Yosemite’s El Capitan with and without all four limbs last week at the Somerville Theater in Massachusetts.

Chunky Monkey Productions brings the best of the Banff Mountain Film Festival to the Boston area every February, which also happens to be school vacation week. For that reason alone, I have not gone every year. But this February, when we decided to stay local, I knew what I wanted to do: travel in an armchair (or movie theater seat) and vicariously experience a few adventures around the world.

The best films from the Banff Mountain Film Festival, held annually in Banff, Canada, are chosen for the World Tour where they are viewed in 32 countries and across the U.S. Local organizers choose which films to screen in their home town. In Somerville, 19 films were shown over three nights. On Thursday night, February 21, I watched nine of those films, including “Industrial Revolutions,” the “Gimp Monkeys” and “Crossing the Ice,” for a total of 131 wilderness inspiring and adrenaline rushing minutes.

Chunky Monkey Productions describes the variety of the films on its website: “Rocks and Rockers, Boards and Boulders, Bikes, Boyz, and the Last Great Unknown. Afghans, Brits, Australians, Norwegians, Canadians, Switzerlanders, Frenchlanders, and American Flatlanders leavin’ the urbs for that nourishing taste of up high. Skiers, Paragliders, Paraclimbers, Highliners, Steep Water, Fast Water, Huckers, Flyers, Mountains, Highways, Canyons, Big Crazy Adventure, the Moon, and Lily. . .”

Though the film festival has already left New England, it will be screened in other states in March and April. Check out the festival’s website to watch video clips and to see when and where it’s playing and be sure to sign up for an email reminder so you can experience the films next year.

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